Philosophical counseling: a new profession in Romania

by Vasile Hațegan


  • Vasile Hategan Romanian Professional Association of Philosophical and Ethical Counselors


The first step towards recognizing a new specialization, philosophical counseling, was made in Romania by setting up the professional association of philosophical counselors, being the effect of the appearance on the Romanian labor market of the first specialists in the first series of master's degree graduates. philosophical counseling program. Prior to this recognition, they could pursue other occupations, based on their initial training, reflected in their bachelor's degrees. The develop the new profession of philosophical counselor was more than necessary, being intended for specialists trained in Romanian university. The highlighted solution supports the training of practitioners and specialists in the philosophical counseling master's or postgraduate programs wich will be developed in Romania. The new specialization, given by califiquation for philosophical counselor, has a real chances to be a new profession who can take a place in the Romanian society.