Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021): Issue 1

State of contents

Philosophical practice: Interdisciplinary links with other fields - Vasile Hațegan                 pp. 1-8

The Language Game of Europe: Politics, Identity and the Divided - Aleksandar Fatic        pp. 9-20

On the professionalization of philosophical counselling in a world dominated                                                                                        by the pandemic crisis - Florin Lobonț                                                                                   pp. 21-27  

Philosophical Couseling and Linoliness: An Interdisciplinary Approach - Ben Mijuskovic pp. 28-37

Experiential Philosophical Practice -  José Barrientos Rastrojo                                                pp. 38-40               

Practicing philosophical counselling with teams in corporate environment - Camelia Corin pp. 41-50

Philosophical Café: A philosophical dialogue and/or therapy? Marina Katinić & Luka Janeš pp. 51-62



Published: 2021-03-25