Vol. 1 No. 3 (2021): Issue 3

State of contents

Ethical Problems in Business Contexts and Philosophical Practice as a Way of Dealing with Them

                                                                                                                              - André Almeida     pp.  1-13

Pretext of Friendship. Introduction to Philosophical Counseling       - Annalisa Rossi           pp. 14-29

The impact of digitalization on the leisure time of today’s youth - Elena Salganova, 

                                                                                                Liydmila Belova, Natalia Gafner        pp. 30-47

The Role of Philosophical Counselling in Alleviating Alienation               - Adriana Vlaicu     pp. 48-60

Challenges regarding the educational journeys of Israeli teenagers to Poland.

Can P4C help teachers tackle them?                                                                  - Dorit Barak     pp. 61-74

Corporal Action and Philodrama in Philosophical Pract   -  Mike Roth,  David Sumiacher     pp. 75-79

Tomorrow in the Outer Space Remember the Dreaming                            -  Ilinca Stroe       pp. 80-93

Published: 2021-11-25