The relationship between philosophical and psychological counselling: where do we stand?


  • Alina Dalcu West University of Timisoara, Romania


Nowadays we can find a wide plethora of philosophical practices ranging from the classic philosophical counselling to educational programs for children or even prevention and rehabilitation programs. How should a client know what is suited for him? What is the philosophical practitioner promising to their clients? Is it wisdom and truth as some would associate with philosophy? Is it healing and therapy? This paper tries to shed some light over the field of philosophical practices. I present the emergence of philosophical counselling, it’s historical evolution and the situation nowadays. I talk about the worldview concept and about its importance in the healing paradigm. I will analyze different critiques brought to fields of philosophical and psychological counselling and common aspects that concern both fields, trying to find both similarities and differences that would help me conclude on what is the relationship between psychotherapy and philosophical counselling and how can each benefit the other in their common purpose of alleviating human noetic distress.