Philosophy for Children and respect as a value in preschool education


  • Yael Dafna Talias Academic College Beit Berl, Israel


After a long period of practical experience in the kindergarten and day care section of the department of education, an opportunity arose to expand my influence into the education of children aged birth-three. Despite the importance of high-quality educational programs for this age group, it was only recently that a bill was passed regarding licensing and supervision of educational frameworks for children under three. Based on a theory of change, this study will proceed from the assumption that any change of values with the caregivers would only be significant if it existed through nannies who love their work and want to pursue it long-term. Furthermore, caregivers, whose work experience will be valued by the organization, will be able to produce a similar experience for the children under their care. In this study, I try to find out whether recognition and respect support the relationship in the daycare and allows the caregivers to experience respect, meaning and influence.